Revolutionize your business with cabinotch® cabinet systems!

Cabinotch Cabinet ConstructionYour customers hire you to produce beautiful, hand-crafted cabinetry, not boxes. So why should you spend so much time, effort and money “behind the face frame and/or edgebanding"?

With the Ready-to-Assemble, cabinotch® Cabinet Systems, you’re free to devote your talents where you’ll get paid for them — “outside” the box!

Just use the website, or click the Store link in the menu above, to specify your box dimensions (to the 1/1000th of an inch ) and face frame species (8 American hardwood choices). Your parts will arrive within days, and you can be assembling Face Frame or Full Access cabinets within minutes.

With cabinotch®, you’ll save hours of panel purchasing, configuring, and processing time. That’s time you can spend selling, detailing, finishing, and all those other things that make you money.

What makes the cabinotch® Cabinet Systems better?


  • Pre-Made, ready-to-assemble cabinet components made with American-made formaldehyde-free PureBond® hardwood plywood.
  • Face Frame Cabinet specifications include: 1/2" sides, backs, bottoms and tops; 3/4" adjustable shelves.
  • Full Access Cabinet specifications include: 3/4" sides, backs, bottoms, tops and adjustable shelves.
  • Durable, easy-care, UV-finished interiors.
  • 3/4" thick North American hardwood Face Frames. Customizable face frames & interiors with 8 American hardwood species: Alder; Cherry; Hickory; Hard Maple; Red Oak; Walnut; Soft Maple and White Oak.
  • 50 plus PVC edgeband colors and 7 species of veneer edgeband for our Full Access Cabinetry.
  • Ships flat, assembles in minutes.

Ready-to-Assemble and Engineered for Speed, Style and Performance!

Cabinotch Finished Cabinets

  • Glue & Staple Assembly - No clamping required (Face Frame)
  • Lamello P-14 Clip Assembly - No clamping required (Full Access)
  • Go directly from work table to wall - No waiting for glue to dry
  • Meets or exceeds all ordinary standards for cabinetry strength

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We build custom cabinets, and the Cabinotch system keeps us from running all over the shop cutting hundreds of pieces. Now we go to a bench with
a staple gun and a glue bottle. How amazing is that?”  - John Homan, New Bremen, OH

“We love the locking joint in the face frame and the UV interior finish is great.”  - Bryan Warren, Deland, FL

“Anyone who cuts all their parts will find Cabinotch to be a practical and cost- efficient solution. The quality is as good or better than what we built in our shop before we started buying the Cabinotch system.”  - Steve Itrich, Cincinnati, OH

"I saw (Cabinotch) as an opportunity to streamline things around my shop. It helps me become way more efficient. I don't have to have as many people, and I don't worry about equipment breaking down." - Justin Vance, Vance & Sons

“I got out of the cabinetmaking game because it was too much of a pain.  With your joinery and cutout services, Cabinotch has put me back in the game.  We did 22 Kitchens last year, and are aiming for 30 this year.  Thanks Cabinotch.” - Kevin Gent, Gentry Custom Woodworking, Tacoma, WA

"We just started using your manufactured drawers and we are delighted with their quality. We want to again express our pleasure in doing business with Cabinotch Innovative Solutions. You provide a beautiful product line that is all American made and we are appreciative of that." -Michael VanSant, VanSant Construction Company, LLC