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Cabinotch Face Frame Cabinetry

AWFS-2017 Is Just Around The Corner

I have been attending the AWFS Trade Show for years, and I’m old enough to remember when AWFS was in Anaheim California. This show, as well as the IWF Trade Show in Atlanta have always provided me with multiple benefits (I’m so old, I remember when IWF was in Louisville Kentucky). First and foremost, it…

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New cabinotch® Additions

This month, we’re excited to announce a number of new Cabinotch® cabinet models to our KCD Library.  We keep asking you for your ideas, and below is how we’re responding to some of the suggestions and requests you’ve provided. Clipped Cabinets- 45 degree base and upper cabinets  that returns back at a 90 degree.         Angled End…

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cabinotch® Cabinet Box Range Hoods by Keystone Wood Specialties

Check Keystone Wood Specialties, who happens to be partner of Cabinotch® cabinet box system new, cool, creation a… KRH-2402 Range Hood ! The Range Hoods, built on our Cabinotch® cabinet box system ! Keystone says, the range hoods are ready to assemble, and conveniently shipped with the cabinet flat, and with the shelf and mantle preassembled…

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Cabinotch® built-in project by Hopps Woodworking

Check out this fabulous built-in project by Hopps Woodworks from Louisville, TN that utilizes our custom-made Cabinotch® cabinet box system that features quality formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood! Hoops loves our Cabinotch® products not only for their quality but for the ease of use and cost and time cutting benefits! For more on Hopps and their…

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Update On Our Newly Available Flush Ends!!!

 A bit of an update on our NEW Flush Left and Right Ends now offered by our Cabinotch made-to-order custom cabinet-box system! We now have some better photography (yep, those are the new photos in this post) to better illustrate the custom quality of our new flush end option! As a bit of a reminder…

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