Draw Your Job

KCD® is universally considered to be the easiest kitchen and bath design software on the market. Add to that the logical cabinetry included in each of our three cabinotch®  libraries and you will find the design process to be not only easy, but very satisfying (answering your clients questions before they ask them).

You design your room of cabinetry using completely custom sizes that work for your design, not 3" increments, or even 1/4" increments, whatever size you need, that is what you can get (for many cabinet companies, that just might be a cabinotch® Moment).

Best practices are as follows; start a new job, name your room, set your Job Standards, draw your walls clockwise for context at corners, add the non-negotiable elements (i.e., doors, windows, sink cabinet(s), appliances, corner cabinets and applied ends), then fill in with the appropriate cabinetry.

Make Your Job Selections

Then you make your material selections, For Frame cabinetry, that will be things like Frame material and Drawer Box Material. For Full Access cabinetry, that will be things like Exterior Material, Interior Material, Drawer Box Material, Edgeband Color, Suspension System Machining, Leg Leveler Machining, Construction Method and Door Hinge Location.

These selections can be Job specific, Room specific, Unit specific or Library specific, allowing you to customize your cabinotch® cabinetry to your desired preferences.

Validate Your Job

After you have made all your selections, we will take you to our Validation screen and inform you of any units that cannot be manufactured as designed.

For cabinotch® Frame cabinets, combined/joined units cannot exceed the size of our sheet goods (46" x 96"). For cabinotch® Full Access cabinets, we don't allow you to enter widths that exceed best practices so cabinet bottoms and shelves don't sag, and like Frame cabinets, heights can't exceed the length of our sheet goods stock.

Get Your Quote

Woop, there it is, your first of many  cabinotch® Moments.

You click the Get Quote button, and AUTOMAGICALLY, you get a quote for your cabinotch® Cabinet Components, your Drawer Boxes and your Drawer Guides. If you don't need the Drawer Boxes or Drawer Guides, you simply click the Remove button, and Poof, they are gone.

It's just that easy, and now that you have your true cost for these items, it's easy to build your Proposal for your client. No more guessing at the cost of your cabinetry, and how long your team will take to machine all the parts.

Place Your Order

Place your order and we will machine your cabinotch® components in under two weeks and ship to the destination of your choosing.

We even provide you with shipping options like Lift Gate and Call First so you can have your parts shipped directly to your job site if that benefits you.

Machining Your Parts

cabinotch® will machine your parts in one of our plants and ship them to you in under two weeks. Each of our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will machine your components to exacting tolerances.

cabinotch® Frame cabinetry will be machined with the patented cabinotch® notch for easy assembly.

cabinotch® Full Access cabinetry will be machined with Lamello® Tenso P-14 fittings for easy assembly.

Packaging Your Component Parts

cabinotch® will package your parts in one of our custom shipping containers, custom made just for component part protection in the shipping process. These containers allow us to load the components vertically, which allows you to grab what you want out of the box, and not have to move an entire stack to get to the part you want, which is inevitably at the bottom of the stack.

Our many years of experience has taught us that there is no better way to ship large Face Frames than the packaging that we have developed. Face Frames seldom survive the shipping processes when stacked horizontally in a shipping container.

Shipping Your Component Parts

cabinotch® will ship your component parts via common carrier if your job is large enough to require palatalizing your component parts, which is almost always the case. If your order is for one or just a couple cabinets, sometimes it is more economical to ship via a parcel service like USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex, and in these cases, your components will be boxed and shipped Parcel Post.

Sorting Your Component Parts

When your cabinotch® component parts arrive, the most efficient way to get them ready for assembly is to sort them into a cart or multiple carts with all the parts for a given cabinet in a single slot. By purchasing or making enough carts to temporarily store your parts until you are ready to assemble them, you really speed up the assembly process since your assemblers are not having to sort through a bunch of parts to find what they are looking for.

This sorting process also allows you to check for damaged or missing parts, which allows more time to receive replacement parts.

cabinotch®  does everything in it's power to minimize missing or damaged parts, but when this happens, knowing this at the sorting stage rather than the day before you need to install your cabinetry is definitely a huge benefit for you and your team.

Assemble Your Cabinets

Now that you have your cabinotch® component parts sorted so all the parts for a cabinet are together, it's time to experience your second cabinotch® Moment.

When assembling cabinotch® Face Frame cabinetry, you will be amazed at how quickly each cabinet can be assembled. The cabinotch® notch helps your cabinetmaker align and assemble cabinets as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. No guessing where a part is supposed to go, or assembling cabinets with partitions on the wrong side of the line.

When assembling cabinotch® Full Access cabinetry, you will be amazed at how quickly each cabinet can be assembled. The Lamello® Tenso P-14 fittings help your cabinetmakers align and assemble cabinets as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. Cabinets just snap together and then you can add your own screws, or if you prefer, you can glue with any good quality PUR glue (just load the Female Lamello® fittings with glue and snap together).

Install Your Cabinets

Now that you have your cabinotch® cabinets assembled, it's time to install them.

When installing cabinotch® Face Frame cabinetry, all the traditional methods of installation apply, but you are not constrained to a nailer for attaching as we have 1/2" backs, allowing you to place your screws anywhere you need to. 

When installing cabinotch® Full Access cabinetry, you will have the advantages offered by leg levelers for leveling and plumbing your base cabinets if you choose to have us machine for them. You will also have the advantages offered by a suspension system for leveling and plumbing your upper cabinets if you choose to have us machine for the suspension system.

Leg levelers and Suspension systems allow you to get every cabinet perfectly level and plumb, regardless of wall and floor conditions, and base cabinets are never damaged by the typical plumbing malfunction, and the flooding that accompanies that malfunction.

Add Your Finishing Touches

Now that you have your cabinotch® cabinets installed, it's time to add your doors, drawer fronts, trim, molding, counter-tops, and then Call your job DONE.