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Archive for April 2017

AWFS 2017 (be there or be square)

Cabinetmakers, it’s that time again. Time to start planning for the AWFS Show in Hot Vegas. You can sign up here. If you don’t know where to stay, may I recommend the Renaissance Las Vegas. It’s one of the very few non-gaming hotels, and is smoke free (if those sorts of things appeal to you).…

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Assembling cabinotch® Full Access Cabinetry

So the National Launch was a success, and no major issues we have been made aware of (Praise the Lord). BUT, some of the feedback we have gotten tells me we need a little tutorial on cabinotch® Full Access assembly. There really is no official assembly method or right or wrong way, and everyone seems…

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Sorting Your cabinotch® Component Parts

On Thursday of this past week, I got the opportunity to visit a job-site where we would be assembling and then installing a bunch of cabinotch® full access cabinets. My objective was to help the installation crew to understand the proper assembly of cabinotch® full access cabinets, and then how the Suspension System for wall cabinets,…

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