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Archive for February 2017

The cabinotch® Full Access “Blind Corner” Cabinet

I’ll start this post with a quick update, we are actually going to produce and ship Cabinotch Full Access Job #1 this coming week (the first week of February 2017), along with Job #2, Job #3 and possibly Job #4. If there is no cake and ice cream in Owensboro Kentucky this coming week, I…

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The cabinotch® Full Access “OVEN” Cabinet

So our full (National) launch of the cabinotch® Full Access line of cabinetry is fast approaching, and I want to take a few minutes to talk about one of the really cool cabinets we have added to the cabinotch® Full Access Library, the Oven Cabinet. One of the hardest things about residential cabinetmaking, at least…

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cabinotch® Full Access Line Launching SOON!

Last week was a big week for the cabinotch® Innovative Solutions team since we machined and assembled Cabinet #1 from the new cabinotch® Full Access Library. You just have to love it when a plan comes together. Then we were able to assemble this cabinet using Lamello Tenso connectors, which worked flawlessly (I apologize for…

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