cabinotch-image03Maybe because our formaldehyde-free, PureBond, Cabinotch ready-to-assemble, made-to-order cabinet box system is a pretty new concept, you may have some doubts about the quality of Cabinotch products in regards to strength and durability? Well let us put those doubts to rest!!! Independent testing of our Cabinotch Cabinet Box System was conducted by HPVA Laboratories and clearly demonstrates the impressive strength and durability of our custom-sized American hardwood cabinet boxes!

And that’s not all…our Cabinotch products exceeded the levels of the ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2012 Performance and Construction Standard for Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets by passing test measures substantially more rigorous than the typical measures!!! HPVA Laboratories conducted structural, deflection, static load and impact tests on Cabinotch wall cabinets, base cabinets and shelves. This testing resulted in receiving “pass” designations in all testing categories!  In fact, HPVA Laboratories noted that the integrity of our cabinet boxes was not negatively impacted in any way – even after applying “enhanced” rigorous testing methods that exceed the ANSI/KCMA standards…what more could you ask for in a cabinet box??? For more in-depth on this testing, click here!

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