We have a good old fashioned mystery on our hands, and no one, including the fine folks at KCD® seems to know what happened, or even when it happened. It appears that some of our cabinotch® Full Access Library users have a scrambled library, and it does not appear that the weekly auto updates are capable of unscrambling those scrambled libraries out there.

The first question you probably have is, how do I know if my library is scrambled? Which is a great question, and one I hope I can help you out with. If your library does not look like this:


But instead, looks something like this (this is only a portion of the menu as it gets really long once the library gets scrambled, which basically means the KCD® Frameless Library and the cabinotch® Full Access library end up combined), and includes groups like Entertainment and Open Bookshelf:


Then you my friend have a scrambled library, and here is how you fix a scrambled library (close KCD® before you do this).

  1. Browse to your KCD® folder, then to the cabinotch® Full Access folder (C:\KCD\Cabinotch Full Access), then search or scroll down to the cablist.bak file, copy that file, and paste it to your desktop.
  2. Then go back to the cabinotch® Full Access folder and search for the cablist.dat file and delete it.
  3. Now go back to your desktop and rename the cablist.bak file to cablist.dat.
  4. Secondary mouse button click on the cablist.dat file you just renamed and Copy/Cut the file, then go back to the cabinotch® Full Access folder and paste the cablist.dat file into the folder.

Now if you go open KCD, your cabinotch® Full Access library should be fixed.




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