Check out the nice commentary below from a current Cabinotch user Doug Brenneise of Hopps Woodworks on our newest Cabinotch offering…Flush Ends!!!

Hopps logo“Phillip, just wanted to touch base with you on the cabinets.  We have installed three of our recent orders so far.  We are in the process of finishing the one order that had the majority of the 3/4″ flush ends.  The past orders had a couple of the flush ends, and they have been great.  We have had no problems so far!  The cabinets are working out perfect for our shop, and right now we are staying covered up.   I will continue to be in touch with you as we proceed with more of the flush end cabinets.  Also, I will try to send you pictures sometime of the cabinets installed.   Please keep in touch with me on anything that comes of the software and the class that you spoke about with the software.  Thanks.”

Doug Brenneise, Hopps Woodworks

And in case you missed out early posting about our Flush Ends, here is the information again!

photo[2] copy 2Flush Left and Right Ends – These eliminate the need to cut a piece of thin plywood to cover the traditional 1/4” scribe on a Cabinotch box.

The outside of the panel will be the same species as the face frame and it will be unfinished.  The inside of the panel will have a UV finish or will match the stile material – your choice.  The panels will be 3/4” thick and will be within 0.005” of the edge of the face frame.  It is quick, can be flat line finished and fits perfectly!

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