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Attention Citizens of cabinotch® Nation

SawStop Saw

How would you like to receive a $5400 SawStop 7.5HP Industrial Saw with a 230V motor, a 52” Industrial T-Glide Fence, an ICS Mobile Base, and an Overarm Dust Collector for FREE! Columbia Forest Products, our exclusive plywood supplier of PureBond Plywood is running a promotion to help them gather real world data on how their plywood…

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AWFS-2017 Is Just Around The Corner

I have been attending the AWFS Trade Show for years, and I’m old enough to remember when AWFS was in Anaheim California. This show, as well as the IWF Trade Show in Atlanta have always provided me with multiple benefits (I’m so old, I remember when IWF was in Louisville Kentucky). First and foremost, it…

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NEW cabinotch® Full Access Pilot Hole Feature

When we first started the discussion of what the cabinotch®  Full Access Cabinet Library for KCD® would use as it’s primary construction method, Lamello has always been the primary focus. Now with a few months between national launch and now, we have found that one of our original thoughts has proven to be true (cabinetmakers…

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The cabinotch® Full Access “Blind Corner” Cabinet

I’ll start this post with a quick update, we are actually going to produce and ship Cabinotch Full Access Job #1 this coming week (the first week of February 2017), along with Job #2, Job #3 and possibly Job #4. If there is no cake and ice cream in Owensboro Kentucky this coming week, I…

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New cabinotch® Additions

This month, we’re excited to announce a number of new Cabinotch® cabinet models to our KCD Library.  We keep asking you for your ideas, and below is how we’re responding to some of the suggestions and requests you’ve provided. Clipped Cabinets- 45 degree base and upper cabinets  that returns back at a 90 degree.         Angled End…

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cabinotch® Cabinet Box Range Hoods by Keystone Wood Specialties

Check Keystone Wood Specialties, who happens to be partner of Cabinotch® cabinet box system new, cool, creation a… KRH-2402 Range Hood ! The Range Hoods, built on our Cabinotch® cabinet box system ! Keystone says, the range hoods are ready to assemble, and conveniently shipped with the cabinet flat, and with the shelf and mantle preassembled…

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Announcing a new program by cabinotch® and KCD® Software!

We are proud to announce an amazing new program by Cabinotch® and KCD Software! This new partnership empowers you to easily custom design, view a 3-D rendering, price, and then order Cabinotch custom cabinet boxes directly from your laptop, even from your customer’s kitchen table! We believe this partnership with KCD makes the current Cabinotch competitive advantage an…

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