Loving this funny, light-hearted article, “Ten Reasons to Outsource Wood Components” from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company today that puts a less serious spin on the topic of out-sourcing wood components (like our Cabinotch cabinet boxes)…though I will say the reasons they give all have a ring of truth around them! Below is some of the article, to read in it full, click here!

1. Your dumpster is full . . . again.

2. Your tooling is dull.

3. Your #2 door guy is “sick” every Monday.

4. “I messed up the door. Can I have it?”

5. Your lead guy is leaving for Alaska to pan for gold

6. Stick-It disks make awesome grip tape

7. Your #3 door guy just lost a finger applying a “hand brake” to a panel cutter

8. “We don’t support that machine anymore. Want to buy another?”

9. CRASH “What was that?”

10. One word, “overtime.”

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