Cabinotch_FLUSHCornerAngleDetailLR A bit of an update on our NEW Flush Left and Right Ends now offered by our Cabinotch made-to-order custom cabinet-box system!

Cabinotch_FLUSH_SideLRWe now have some better photography (yep, those are the new photos in this post) to better illustrate the custom quality of our new flush end option! As a bit of a reminder from an earlier post the Flush Left and Right Ends eliminate the need to cut a piece of thin plywood to cover the traditional 1/4” scribe on a Cabinotch box!

Cabinotch_FLUSH_CornerLRThe outside of the panel will be the same species as the face frame and it will be unfinished.  The inside of the panel will have a UV finish or will match the stile material – your choice.  The panels will be 3/4” thick and will be within 0.005” of the edge of the face frame.  It is quick, can be flat line finished and fits to perfection!!! For more about Cabinotch, click here!


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