CrutchfieldStill doubt that not only can our ready-to-assemble, Made-In-America, Cabinotch® cabinet boxes save the professional cabinet shop money by reducing man hours spent fabricating cabinet boxes from scratch and that they are also so easy to assemble that pretty much anyone can put them together and install them with ease? Well, put your doubts at rest by checking out this awesome testimonial from a regular homeowners that decided to use our made-to-order Cabinotch cabinet boxes as part of DIY closet re-do for their master bedroom! Check out what the Crutchfield’s have to say about their experience with Cabinotch below:

February - March 2013 145[1]“We had an odd space in our new closet in our master bedroom re-do.  It was a nook that was 21” deep x 52” wide.  We knew we needed the space to be a drawer system as we have limited wall space for a dresser in our bedroom.  So we looked at several options along with CABINOTCH and CABINOTCH ended up being best our best option.  We measured, sent them to Mike (our Cabinotch contact) and he got it ordered.  In came in about a week in 7 flat shipped pieces.  The easy part was putting it together, which Anne and I did while watching the ACC championship.  It took about 45 min and Anne was surprised how easy it was.  The good thing was it fit like a glove.  We left about an 1/8” on either side and it was easy to put in.  All I had to do was pop two shims in the back and put a couple of screws through to the studs.

February - March 2013 071[2]We then had the painter paint the frame then ordered the drawers, slides, and fronts.  I came to realize that this is the hard part.  To get the doors to go in right and put all the hardware on took about 2-1/2 hours.  I needed some good help to make that happen, otherwise it would have been a 5 hour job for me.  We are now quite happy with the finished product.  It was a quick easy way to solve our problem and put a bit of our own sweat equity into the overall project.”

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