This month, we’re excited to announce a number of new Cabinotch cabinet box system elements and options.  We will keep asking you for your ideas, and below is how we’re responding to some of the suggestions and requests you’ve provided.

  •  2.25” Bottom Rails – Have you ever wanted just a bit more room for lights?  These deeper rails will hide more under-counter lighting fixtures than ever before.
  •  5.5” Left and Right Stiles – Wide stiles will make it possible to add a half column under your range top or sink.
  •  Flush Left and Right Ends – These eliminate the need to cut a piece of thin plywood to cover the traditional 1/4” scribe on a Cabinotch box.

photo[2] copy 2The outside of the panel will be the same species as the face frame and it will be unfinished.  The inside of the panel will have a UV finish or will match the stile material – your choice.  The panels will be 3/4” thick and will be within 0.005” of the edge of the face frame.  It is quick, can be flat line finished and fits perfectly!

photo[2] copyWe want you to think of Cabinotch as the most powerful tool in your kit…so please let us know if you have other suggestions, or if you’d like someone to call and walk you through the website or visit your shop.  We want you to be comfortable and excited about the ways Cabinotch can help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and make more customers happy!

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