1306CMFnauman1Still don’t believe that our custom-made Cabinotch cabinet box system can save your shop time and money?? If you are, check out the really awesome testimonial that just appeared online at CabinetmakerFDM from Nauman Construction, Inc. a 30-year-old, family operated general contractor who specializes in remodeling, custom cabinets and furniture out of Mound City, MO.

“This is when we found Cabinotch, and that changed the way we do things. We are able to minimize the whole process here and hire Cabinotch to build our cabinet boxes and face frames. The best part is the parts are already cut, face frames are put together and rough sanded. (There are) no more piles of cutoffs, extra material or bad material.

1306CMFnauman2“We are able to do the jobs we already did faster, cheaper, and more profitably. The thing with Cabinotch (is that) we have not had to change how we build cabinets. Their cabinets are built very well and built the way they are supposed to be built when you are doing custom work.”

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