This month, we’re excited to announce a number of new Cabinotch® cabinet models to our KCD Library.  We keep asking you for your ideas, and below is how we’re responding to some of the suggestions and requests you’ve provided.


Clipped Cabinets- 45 degree base and upper cabinets  that returns back
at a 90 degree.






Angled End Cabinets-45 Degree Base, Upper, and Tall Angled Cabinets that can help finish out a cabinet run!




U-Shape Uppers– Using the power of KCD Software,ushape
Cabinotch allows you to now join upper cabinets with different height




We want you to think of Cabinotch as the most powerful tool in your kit…so please let us know if you have other suggestions, or if you’d like someone to call and walk you through the website, KCD or visit your shop.  We want you to be comfortable and excited about the ways Cabinotch can help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and make more customers happy!

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